Welcome and course guidelines

Welcome to Level 1 online training !

First, we want to congratulate you for taking the next step in your Biodecoding® training.

Some of you have already completed Starter Course-Module 1. If this isn’t the case, make sure you complete this course first as you will need the foundational concepts and protocols to be able to follow the advanced courses starting with Module 2.

You will find your Starter Course-Module 1 at the very bottom of the course curriculum page or click HERE to access it directly.

We are thrilled you chose to embark in this extraordinary journey of getting to know your body and yourself at the most intimate level, that of the cells.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting with Module 2, modules will be released one by one as we are moving forward throughout the training and the mentoring webinars. It's normal if you can't access right away the advanced modules after module 2.

Getting you ready to decode any symptoms

The advanced courses of the Level 1 Certification Training teach you the very technique that made Biodecoding® stand out from any other so-called similar decoding modalities. You are going to learn the signature method developed by Christian Flèche that will allow you to decode with extreme precision virtually any symptom using the Biological Portal.

You will learn fluency in Biodecoding® in the same way you learn a language: you begin with the alphabet, then begin to string together words to finally be able to build a full sentence. That sentence is called the Conflictual Sentence and acts like an arrow that will target the center of the emotional conflict. 

At the end of the Level 1 training you will have all the tools to decode virtually any symptom, along with a set of powerful therapeutic protocols to start resolving emotional conflicts underlying a symptom. 

Live Mentoring Webinars to Learn the Therapeutic Protocols

As you understand by now, Biodecoding® is not only about theories. It's first and foremost a practical method which means that every theoretical concept that you learn has a concrete application through a set of therapeutic techniques and protocols. Over 16 signature protocols will be delivered during the 12 live Mentoring Webinars.


Replays of the live Mentoring Meetings are offered as a courtesy. They will be made available after the live event for 30 days. Due to occasional technical issues and forgetfulness that may occur from time to time, we recommend that you take notes and take pictures of the slides during the live events. The replays are a great opportunity to review the material and catch up with the parts you missed but we recommend that you don't rely on them since we can't guarantee them.


To be able to join the live webinars, don't forget to register to each mentoring webinar. Registration links will be posted 48 hours before each class.

Don't Forget the Quiz to Move on to the Next Lesson

And as a reminder, don't forget to complete the quiz at the end of each lesson since it will allow you to move on to the next lesson. The quiz highlights the knowledge you need to know for certification.

About Module 5

After completion of the online courses (Module 1 through Module 4), you will be able to attend the Module 5 course, the last module of the Level 1 Certification Training. This seminar will be taught live online by Christian Flèche himself. A special moment to work live with the creator of the method and for him to get to know you more personally.

This final seminar is given once a year (online for the moment until travel restrictions are lifted). The first part will be a review of all the fundamentals and an individual evaluation of your knowledge for those of you who want to get certified as a Biodecoding Coach. The second part will cover new materials and protocols.

Comment section

At any time throughout the course you can ask questions or ask for technical assistance in the comment box located at the bottom of each lesson. Either your mentor or one of the team members will reply directly to you by email or in the thread as soon as possible. Sometimes seasoned students may reply to share their experience or understanding. The comment section is also a great way to stay connected with your fellow students and build a supportive community.

Questions that require development will be answered during the next mentoring sessions.

Note: Please do not ask questions regarding specific health conditions you or someone you know may have. This is not the place to give specific therapeutic advice. Personal health issues require a thorough assessment of the symptoms as well as the person's personal and emotional reality. We recommend that you book a private session with one of our Certified Biodecoding® Therapists to address personal health issues.

If you need technical assistance regarding the courses, you can also contact our Tech Support directly at inquiries@biodecoding.com. The team will be glad to assist you as promptly as possible to facilitate your learning experience.


For those of you who are interested in the certification as a Biodecoding Coach, here are the general guidelines to fulfill.

  • Live attendance to ALL live Mentoring Webinars with camera ON is required for your teacher to get to know you and evaluate your involvement and progress throughout the courses.
  • 100% participation: active interaction with your teachers during the live events through questions or participation in the demonstrations of the healing protocols.
  • Protocols practice: Between each live mentoring classes, you will have to practice one or two protocols with your cohorts and write a feedback about your practice and send it to your teacher.
  • Assignments: After some mentoring webinars or depending on your practice and feedback, your teacher may suggest additional assignments.
  • Questionnaire: at the end of Module 4, you will receive a set of questions to answer and send back to your teacher before Module 5 starts.
  • Evaluation: During Module 5 you will have the opportunity to be evaluated on your integration of the knowledge learned during the whole training. This evaluation will determine if you receive your certification or if you need to review some topics of the course.
  • Ethic, safety and confidentiality: Your cohorts and yourself will experience the Biodecoding therapy at a personal level. In this place of vulnerability and privacy, you are expected to create and maintain a space of safety and confidentiality at all time during the whole training with your peers.

If you are not interested in the certification, you are not required to attend the Mentoring Sessions live and fulfill any assignments.

Without Any Further Ado...

... we’ll let you get started with your first lesson.

Enjoy your training and remember the entire team has your back and is happy to offer any help and assistance you may need to achieve your therapeutic goals.


Marie Anne Boularand

Founder of the Biodecoding® Institute

And your online Teacher,

Complete and Continue