Discover Biodecoding® directly from the creator of the method, Christian Flèche. This mini-course comprises 8 lesson excerpts from the Full Certification Training. Through this series of videos, you will learn the core foundation of Biodecoding® that will get you started in this revolutionary way of approaching dis-ease.

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Christian Flèche
Christian Flèche

Christian Flèche is the creator of Biodecoding®. He developed this innovative method of decoding the language of the cells in 1993 in order to target the cellular unconscious (aka memory of the cells) to deprogram dis-ease at the cellular level and speed-up recovery. He is the author of over 30 books, among which many are best sellers and translated in several languages. For the past 26 years he has been traveling the world, training thousands of students. For the first time, he is offering an online training program for more people to access this groundbreaking healing method.

Each lesson includes:

  • a video where Christian Flèche explains a specific concept and illustrates it with real case studies from patients.
  • a PDF document which details thoroughly each concept of the video.

During this free course you will learn the following topics:

UNIT 1: Introduction to Biodecoding®

  • Understand the place of Biodecoding® in the vast array of healing therapies?
  • What is the specificity of Biodecoding®?
  • The missing link in healing physical and emotional issues?

UNIT 2: The biological purpose of disease 1

  • Discover the positive biological purpose of disease through multiple examples
  • 2 real stories of bladder infection (UTI)
  • The origin of eczema in a child
  • The cause of the appearance of a melanoma (skin cancer) in a teenager
  • The biological purpose of hearing loss
  • The Cause of thyroid issues

UNIT 3: The biological purpose of disease 2

  • Multiple examples of organ-emotion correlation
  • The bio-emotional conflict of lung cancer
  • The bio-emotional conflict of diarrhea
  • The logic of the symptom
  • The biological cause of liver cancer

UNIT 4: The Bio-shock

  • What is a bio-shock?
  • The precise moment when the disease starts
  • How a disease "enters" our body
  • Some biological shocks in our everyday life
  • The tripolarity in disease: brain-psyche-organ connection
  • The biological threshold
  • The symptom as a third survival solution
  • Example with liver cancer
  • The stress amplifier: emotions
  • What is an emotion and its purpose?

UNIT 5: The characteristics of the Bio-shock

  • The 5 characteristics of the Bio-shock
  • What are the precise criteria for a disease to manifest?
  • Why will a specific life event impact an organ and not another one?
  • The role of adrenaline and cortisone
  • The biological cycles to find survival solutions
  • Why disease is the ultimate solution to save our life?
  • The real cause of our physiological changes
  • The ultimate benefit of disease

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This online course does not grant any certification, they are for self-development and educational purpose only.