Module 1 + 2 Course

Learn the Language of the Cells to Quick-target Cellular Healing.

Learn the art of decoding the language of the cells with the creator of the method, Christian Flèche. Module 1 is comprised of 17 units and module 2 of 13 units. Between the two lay the core foundation of Biodecoding® and cover the content of a 6-day live seminar.

The Missing Link in Healing

As health professionals and patients, have you ever wonder why some people heal quickly and others do not despite all the treatments and therapies they undergo. Why some people have relapses and others don’t?

Biodecoding® is the missing link in healing the body and the mind. Physical symptoms and emotional imbalances are both survival solutions of adaptation which respond to biological laws. Therefore biology is not psychological, symbolic or intellectual; it is… bio-logical!

In order to understand the message of our cells and be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with them, we must learn their language. Because of this linguistic deficiency many health professionals and patients miss the target; and healing longs to happen or is incomplete. Both therapists and patients get frustrated and no one wins.

A Simple, Logical and Efficient Method for Everyone

After many years of deciphering the language of biology, Christian Flèche created an integrative method (Biodecoding®) to quickly decode the message of the body and target permanent cellular healing. It is aimed at any professionals and individuals who want to help themselves and others: physicians, therapists, healers, social workers, life coach, teachers, educators, parents…

This innovative technique is compatible with most healing modalities and can be easily integrated in your current practice. You can also choose to use Biodecoding® as your sole healing approach. No medical background or any special degrees are required to learn and practice Biodecoding®.

What Biodecoding® can do

Here are a sample of the outcomes you may obtain using Biodecoding® in your professional practice and personal life.

  • Speed up symptom-reversal
  • Erase the disease-program at its root cause
  • Achieve permanent cellular healing
  • Prevent relapses and stop chronicity
  • Prevent future diseases to appear
  • Resolve past and present emotional conflicts and change the course of your life
  • Get out of the fear of illness and make peace with our body
  • Get empowered and reach health independence
  • Grow in consciousness of your true self

At Home At Low Cost

Most of you know how much a 6-day seminar with a world-renowned teacher costs - between $900 and $3,000. This does not include the cost of your trip and lodging, in addition to the days off you have to take from work. On average, a person spends about $1500 to attend a live seminar.

Today you can learn Biodecoding® at a very low cost, in the comfort of your home, at your own time and pace. Not to mention that you have unlimited access to the course and you can watch the videos as many times as you need. No stress about missing anything!

Course Content

Like learning a new language, the course unfolds in a logical order. Christian Flèche and Marie Boularand have put together these 2 modules, integrating all the materials available to this day to ease your learning experience and get the most out of the course.

Each unit includes

  • One or two videos where Christian Flèche explains specific concepts using multiple examples of real case stories.
  • One or more PDF documents which summarize thoroughly the topics developed in the videos
  • Bonus materials to deepen your knowledge
  • A quiz to self-evaluate your integration of the fundamental points.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The online courses do not grant any certification.

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Your Instructor

Christian Flèche
Christian Flèche

Christian Flèche is the creator of Biodecoding®. He developed this innovative method of decoding the language of the cells in 1993 in order to target the cellular unconscious (aka memory of the cells) to deprogram dis-ease at the cellular level and speed-up recovery. He is the author of 22 books, among which many are best sellers and translated in several languages. For the past 20 years he has been traveling the world training thousands of students. For the first time, he is offering an online training program for more people to access this groundbreaking healing method.